The Power Of Understanding

Sometimes our pain makes us feel abandoned. It’s not that people aren’t there for us–they are. But they don’t understand. Not fully.

This private pain creates an isolation and loneliness that’s difficult to describe much less endure. It lingers, hovering like an oppressive cloud just over our heads, making life lack-luster and bland.

“If only we could find someone to talk to who really gets it,” we sigh.

Well, that’s why we are here. We GET IT. We Freedom Girls are soldiers, and we have been through tough stuff.  We refuse, however,  to be victims any longer. We prevail through Jesus Christ. We prevail because we are stronger than we think. We overcome, because life is there for us too and we will not be disqualified anymore.

When we tap the sisterhood–find women who really understand–we will find the power that is unleashed in our lives. We are not alone. Jesus is with us. Sisters are ready to walk with us. Let’s not buy the lie that we have to stay hidden in our secret stuff because no one will be able to handle our story. It’s not true.

What is true is that we have to be discerning. Our pain is not for everyone. When we tell the wrong person, we will feel that abandonment because some are ill-equipped. Ask God to reveal to you the women who are trustworthy. Then open up and talk! Share. Exhale.

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