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Freedom is Yours for the Asking!
Freedom is Yours for the Asking!

Hi and Welcome to the Freedom Girl Sisterhood!

I’m Dawn, your personal Freedom Coach.  I’m passionate about releasing the greatness inside of everyone of God’s daughters–to help them find freedom and fulfill their purpose.

That means you.

Has God  put a dream inside of your heart but you just can’t seem to turn it into a reality? Do you find yourself getting tangled up in cares and concerns, ending up in more drama and less dream?  Then this is the daily site for you. Its time you were unshackled and unleashed  from the cords that bind and tie you to the complacent, combative, complicated, and conflict-filled life that this world and Satan want to trap you in.

Find Freedom in God!

My Coaching Blog and Conferences are designed to train you to be a champion–to live your dream and fulfill your purpose.

COMING SOON!  Don’t miss out!



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