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Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a pastor, speaker, and author whose most recent book Telling: A Guide to Finding Healing by Telling Your Abuse Story released in March 2018. I’ve also authored When the Woman Abused Was You, released in July 2017. And, my first book in this series, When A Woman You Love Was Abused (a Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal Award winner) released in July 2012, and has touched thousands of lives – both men and women.

As an ordained minister with the Wesleyan Church, I’m the Lead Vision Architect of a multi-cultural, multi-generational church called Tribes in the North Grand Rapids area; a church that looks and loves like Heaven. Rev. 7:9

I’m also a busy keynote and conference speaker who inspires audiences to maximize their God-given purpose and potential in Christ. I use sound biblical teaching, personal stories and splashes of humor to awaken the gifts and callings in people.

As your Freedom Coach, I’m the founder of FreedomGirls, a women’s conference which offers help for those suffering from traumas. I also host the Freedom Girls Sisterhood radio program.

My desire is to communicate the story of Jesus Christ in such a compelling way, that hearts are engaged, dreams are ignited, and lives are transformed!

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