Just You

Just You

clever screen names for dating sites You’re a career woman. You move fast, with precision, making important decisions every day. People look to you for answers, and you, because you’re awesome,  usually have them. Your routines are tight; you know the importance of self-care and soul-care. You multi-task with ease, it’s a way of life. Every day is full of potential; you produce and make things happen.

So, what’s wrong?

Why don’t you feel fulfilled?

Where’s the joy in living?

Why aren’t you feeling your life is maximized with purpose, making a difference? You know the things to do, you teach them to others after all. But you lack passion. Fire. Motivation is not your problem; you know how to create the juice to keep going. It’s the relentless desire for something else that quietly gnaws away at your soul.

What’s missing?

You may be discovering that the fast track, while exciting to conquer, provides little for your soul’s contentment and burning purpose.

Busy pursuits lead to an empty heart.

Is it time for you to get quiet and stop rushing, running, doing, proving, blowing, and going? How long has it been since you re-connected to your soul’s purpose and your God-given identity? Is your core-self crying to be unleashed, but she’s tethered to a lifestyle that hinders her true expression?

What would happen for you if you could give her time to speak to you?

Give her time to commune with her creator. How would you feel if you could integrate with your true self? Be kind to her. If you stopped pushing her to perform, outperform, and press the limits? I know you’re going to keep being amazing, but what if you could stop now-and-again for a soul retreat? Your soul’s retreat.

There you’ll find course correction from God. You’ll gain clarity, invigorated energy, and in those moments, those quiet uncluttered undistracted nothing racing moments, you’ll find her. The true you. Your reconnection with You will resemble the joyful reunion of a childhood best friend. The one who knows all your secrets and loves you just the same.

Will you do it? Will you jump off the tread mill and schedule time for you? Just you. No babies, no friends, no men.

Just you.

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