Just Get Over it!

The words “Just get over it” won’t help you.

If you could’ve gotten “over it” by now, you certainly would have. Unless of course, you derive a certain amount of reward, satisfaction, or comfort from being in a perpetual state of “victim-hood”. If that’s true of you, that’s just more proof you aren’t fully recovered. On the other hand, what if you could believe there was life after abuse? What if I told you, you could live more than an existence—a full life, free of the victim mind-set and self-inflicted trouble that occurs when you believe the lie that whispers you are forever “damaged-goods?”

Well it’s true. And that better life includes the ability to value yourself enough to believe—without guilt—that what happened to you is significant and deserving of attention. You’re worthy. Worthy to take time to initiate the healing process. You’re not over-stating the impact of sexual abuse after-math when you pause life to confront the trauma head on.

People may make thoughtless comments such as, “Things happen. Just deal with it.” Or “I’ve had junk happen to me as a kid too, and you don’t see me falling apart.” Both of which were said to me, I might add. Although these comments and others like them send a message that infers it’s a waste of time to revisit the past, nothing could be further from the truth. Ignore the ignorance and keep pursuing your wholeness.

What are you doing to pursue your healing?

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