How to Stop Brain Gossip

How do you handle the negative story your mind is telling you?

The carnal command center of our brain often whispers juicy tidbits about others and ourselves. Unfortunately, those negative nuggets usually come from the enemy or our own selfish nature.

How do we strike them down? Or do we listen to the story and add other embellishments, then take it as truth?

The problem with brain gossip—the story we tell ourselves about ourselves or others—goes through our own motive filters instead of the Word of Truth.  The story we ruminate on is a reflection of what we truly think and believe and how we are motivated. It’s a snap shot of our belief system, more than a reality about someone or ourselves.

If my most “generous assumption” about a person is only a twisted, sinister allegation, then it could be exposing the darkness of my own wounded filter.

If, on the other hand, I struggle accepting the possibility of a negative conclusion, if I wrestle with believing that it could be true—a wrestle mingled with grief and sadness over the possibility—then it reveals that my heart is turned toward God, and toward his Word.

See Phil 4:8

Are we broken in spirit to have to accept an evil report? Does it pain us to consider it?  This sadness is the mark of a reconciler.

Conversely once again, if we enjoy the thought of a negative report, if we feel riled and agitated and begin to plot our counter-action, or if we secretly delight in exposing someone, are we not gossiping with darkness? Is not our brain fellowshipping with the enemy?

How does Jesus want us to respond when our brain starts telling us a story against ourselves or someone else?

Instead of believing the juicy thoughts…

  1. we should halt that demeaning thought, take it captive and cast it to the ground. Slam the door on those accusations and refuse to entertain them.

2. Then fall to our knees in intercession and prayer, asking God to heal our minds, or if needed, heal the mind of another.

3. Pray that the thoughts  “be not so,”  and cling to I Corinthians 13: love always hopes, always protects, all gives the benefit of the doubt.”

4. If you enjoy negative thoughts about others or even yourself, then repent of brain gossip and ask God to help expose your insecurity.

Listening to lies of the accuser of the brethren is always a trap.

Decide today to refuse the gossip of Satan and keep your mind on things above. That’s where freedom and joy flow!

How do you handle the negative story your mind wants to tell you?

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