Good Job Body

Good Job, Body

This year I’ve reached an age where my body is doing whatever it pleases. Despite all the abdominal crunches, applied wrinkle creams, swallowed Garcinia Cambogia pills, and douses of Miss Clairol products, what is—IS.

I’ve now come to realize that my body and the fat cells resident within, have become very close, dear friends.  In fact, I’ve discovered they have a covenant relationship, much like the biblical relationship of Naomi and Ruth. You know, Where you go I will go; where you lodge I will lodge. Your people will be my people. Nothing will separate us, not even death. May the Lord deal with me be it ever so severe if I ever leave your side, your hips, your waist, or your…well you get it.

-See Ruth 1:16

But the other day I received a revelation from God that changed the way I view my body. I think it will change your view too when you consider it.

I Corinthians 6:19-20 says,

Or don’t you know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself, for God bought you with a high price. So you must honor God with your body.

The scripture teaches us that God owns our body. He bought us with a price. Jesus not only paid for our spirit and soul—mind, will, and emotions—but he paid the price to purchase our bodies as well.

Since God is the Owner of my body, that makes me the Steward of my physical being.

At first, this concept was something I understood. But a closer study gave me revelation, not just information.

Let me continue.

The key word is steward. What does it mean to be a steward over my body and not the owner?

Well first, what is the definition of steward?

“A person who manages another’s property or financial affairs; one who administers anything as the agent of another or others.”

Steward is simply an old fashioned word for manager.

I pondered what it meant to be a good manager over something that doesn’t belong to me. Being faithful, honest, and trustworthy over someone else’s possessions was certainly part of it.

But God broadened the focus for me as he spoke gently to my heart.

“That’s a good start Dawn, that’s how to steward objects. But what does it mean to be a faithful manager over people, and, not just any people but the people that belong to me?”

“Hmmm, Good question Lord. To be a faithful manager or steward over people—your people, I would have to be patient, loving, kind, supportive, emboldening. My words should be motivating, promoting their personal growth, encouraging them to stretch and push themselves to do their very best.”

“That’s right. And your body is the living part of you that carries your spirit and soul around for you. Your body, which belongs to me, is the living vehicle I’ve given you to serve you. I own it, but you are the manager. Shouldn’t you speak to and treat your body the same way you would someone working or serving you?”

That’s when the light went on for me.

If I spoke to my staff, or members of my church the way I often speak to, or about my body, they would up and quit!

Because I understand their value, I speak gently and kind to people who serve me. I make intentional efforts to show appreciation and often thank and praise them for their job well done. I try to understand when helpers need special attention and rest.

So my body is a gift from God to me. He owns it, but I am the steward over it. This has huge implications in terms of what I eat, what I do with my body, how I exercise it and many other aspects. But for me that day, it was liberating enough just to grasp that my body is serving me, transporting my spirit and my soul around this earth so that I can accomplish my purpose. And to that I say, “Good job Body!”

Good job lungs, you are breathing well. Good job legs, you are strong and steady. Good Job eyes, you are still focusing.

Good job metabolism, you are burning well… would you like to try to burn more? (You can tell this is still a new revelation)

Good job heart, liver, digestion system. Good Job Body!

Why look in the mirror and speak curses over ourselves? Why pinch the extra skin around our middle and mutter words about a muffin top? Why grumble about cellulite, wrinkles, divots, jowls, and dark circles? Instead, if we remember this body, which is made intricately and amazingly complicated, is working 24/7 out of love for us, why not reach our arms around ourselves, give ourselves a hug and say, “Good Job beautiful and wonderful body. We’re in this race together and you are doing a fabulous job. Thank you!”