Today feels like a good day to take a small step.

I’ve discovered that life is much less about the giant, quantum leap of success, and much more – if not all – about the small incremental baby steps we take a long the way.

I’m snickering to myself as I write those words, because one of my favorite movies is a comedy called “What About Bob.” In this movie, Dr. Leo Marvin suggests to his narcissistic, obsessive-compulsive client, Bob, that he employ “Baby-Steps,”  a ground-breaking technique to overcoming his psychosis. One. Small. Step at a time. Bob takes Dr. Marvin’s advice and overcomes his problem.

Years later, I totally believe in Baby-Steps!baby-steps

Baby-steps are the small, #positivesteps we take each day, that when added altogether, turn out to be the reason why we’ve reached goals, obtained dreams, realized and overcome challenges, and made significant changes in our lives. Baby steps may seem insignificant or inconsequential, but nothing could be further from the truth. Those steps not only make a difference – they make order gabapentin online reddit all the difference.

On the other hand, negative baby-steps work against us in the same powerful way. Most of us don’t fall head long into an addictive pit, or destructive behavior, but we slip into it…one small baby-step at a time. As my friend who works with recovering drug addicts says, “We lapse long before we re-lapse.” Those little poor choices we make everyday also add up and can have serious negative impact on our life. Then we wonder, Where did I go wrong? What happened to my dreams?

So, here’s my encouragement. Get rid of “some-day,” “when the time is right,” “I’m gonna,” “in the near future.” Stop rationalizing that someday will be easier or better than TODAY. NOW.

There is only DO or Don’t DO. There is only TODAY. Take a step toward your goal. Take a step toward your dream. Take a step toward your freedom!

Like Nike – JUST DO IT!

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