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Hi, I'm Dawn Scott Damon, Author, Speaker, and Co-Pastor of Tribes Church, but most of all I am a lover of Jesus, my husband and my family! Yes, in that order. I am passionate about serving the Lord, helping people live their purpose, and changing the World.

A Seed Did All The Work

This week I harvested a pumpkin grown by my own two hands. Well, I didn’t have to do much…ok... anything, to get this round orange baby to grow and flourish. Nothin’. Nada. The seed put in all the effort! Unbeknownst to me, last year’s pumpkin — the one I threw under the deck and allowed to turn to mush —sunk into the … Continue Reading ››

Your Next Door

Where is Your Next Open Door?

…a door of great opportunity stands wide open for me… I Corinthians 16:9
I’ve always been intrigued by doors...
Perhaps it’s the quiet invitation to enter, or conversely, the booming message to Stay Out, either way, doors … Continue Reading ››

4 Steps to Start Healing from Sexual Abuse

I wish I had a different story. I wish it wasn’t one of fiery trials and shameful ashes. But I don’t. My story is what it is. But, what I do have is the power to decide how my story will end.  And you do too. We can choose our future by:

Is It Time For More?

Some survivors are perfectionists, if they can’t do something perfect, they won’t do it at all. Some survivors are performance driven, working hard to convince everyone — including themselves — that they’re valuable. And some survivors play it safe, seeking to be invisible, often living smaller than they should. I want to focus on that dynamic for a moment. Perhaps small living … Continue Reading ››