The Seed Did All The Work

A Seed Did All The Work

The Seed Did All The Work

Bcharré This week I harvested a pumpkin grown by my own two hands. Well, I didn’t have to do much…ok… anything, to get this round orange baby to grow and flourish. Nothin’. Nada. The seed put in all the effort! Unbeknownst to me, last year’s pumpkin — the one I threw under the deck and allowed to turn to mush — sunk into the earth and took root. The seeds of this rotten smelly mess surrendered to the soil, burrowed deep into the ground, then produced something beautiful.

When I first saw the crawling vine, I mistook it as a massive renegade weed taking over my well-groomed yard. But upon further inspection, I easily recognized it was not a ninja-weed, but something else. The characteristics of the winding foliage, with its huge elephant ear shaped leaves, clearly was a pumpkin plant. Did you know pumpkin leaves are an edible delicacy?

Seeing the thriving pumpkin vine thrilled me. I frequently investigated my find to see if any fruit would emerge. Then it happened! One day a pumpkin appeared, in all its savory glory, a small grapefruit-sized green baby pumpkin! Over the following weeks I did my best to encourage the little sprout. I sang to my pumpkin and cheered it on, telling it to grow big and round. (Wouldn’t we all love to hear those affirmations?!)

Finally, “Little Sprout” emerged into what you see in this photo — a beautiful, lush, perfect pumpkin.

So what’s the point? Well many, God is always teaching us spiritual truths through His amazing creation. Here are a few of the lessons I learned from the pumpkin:

  • God takes the rotten mess of our life and turns it into something beautiful.
  • We have seeds of greatness inside of us. Some we don’t even know are there.
  • Don’t despise the day of small beginnings. Small things, in time, become large.
  • We often see weeds in our life, when in fact, what’s growing is something wonderful.
  • We reap what we sow. Whether we realize it or not. Seeds will always bring forth fruit. Good or bad.
  • When you have a seed (a dream) sing to it. Encourage it and wait.

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