3 Ways to Receive God’s YES Pt. 1

3 Ways to Receive God's YES

Part 1

“Does God have a Future YES, despite your present Mess?” The words tumbled out of my mouth before I knew what I was saying, but the crowd resonated with excitement to my question. “Yes,” they enthusiastically declared.

I too, joined in the joy, “Wow, that’s good God! I believe you do have a yes for each of us.” I was inspired by my own preaching.  (A smile face goes here.)

Way too often, however, the words we speak tend to reflect a more pessimistic view. Outwardly we cheer the yes of God, while inwardly we quietly harbor a fugitive named “No.”

Our world has so programmed our minds to expect the negative, that we talk ourselves right out of God’s blessing and opportunities. We travel through life with negative expectations with an adaptation of Murphy’s Law—if anything bad can happen it will, and it will happen to me!

With thinking like that, I’m not shocked by the misfortune many of us encounter. If I look for the painful, the ugly, the broken, and the disappointments of life, I will most assuredly find it.

Why not turn our expectations around? What if we could not only transform our current thoughts, but our whole way of thinking? How would your life be different if you developed a thought-life centered on Christ’s way of thinking; thoughts flowing with creative imagination, filled with possibilities and what’s-if’s instead of hopeless if-only’s?

Wouldn’t you like to find out?

Well, let me ask the question again; Do you believe God has a future YES in-store for you—Yes to your dreams, Yes to your breakthrough, yes to your recovery and restoration? He does. And you can move toward it now. Today is the day to ditch Murphy’s law, and rest in Mercy’s Law—God’s heart for you and his dream for your life.

purchase clomid uk 3 Ways to Change the WAY you think. 1. Identify and interrupt your No

Listen for the way your inner narrative is negative and defeative. (That may be a new word.) Capture those thoughts and examine them. Are they true? Do they agree with what God says? 2. Replace your No thinking

Instantly reframe defeative thinking with truth and speak it out loud. Tell your brain how to process information. “I will believe God. His word says, I CAN!” God, you have a YES for me!

right here 3. Renew your mind by focus and practice

The old adage is true, “what you put in, is what you get out.” Be intentional to fill your mind with truth – God’s Word. Practice focusing on Philippians 4:8. (more on this in part 2) things that are true, just, praiseworthy. Open space in your mind for beauty, recreation, and focus on things above. (Col. 3 )

Ask God to fill your heart with his YES

In what ways have you learned to renew your mind?

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